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Speech Level Singing

What Is Speech Level Singing?

The singing technique that...

  • Is suitable for all styles of singing
  • Will quickly help you understand the singing process
  • Will give you a connected, strong and natural sound
  • Eliminates unwanted “breaks”, "flips" and "yodels"
  • Balances the tone throughout your range
  • Gives you a “belted” sound without strain or pain
  • Significantly Increases your range
  • Eliminates sudden changes of tone or character
  • Ensures vocal flexibility
  • Ensures your voice will do its job and last the distance
Granted a singer may already have a beautiful or workable voice but will it stay that way under the heavy demands of recording, intensity of eight shows a week or a rigorous touring schedule? Can the voice be relied to be at it's best every time it is required to sing?

Through SLS™ singers will gain a healthy vocal technique that will strengthen the voice, increase flexibility, smooth out the bridges, remain connected through out the full range, increase range and ensure longevity of a vocal career. Students of SLS™ report positive results in only a few weeks of application.

If any of the following are experienced, then a vocal teacher should be sought out immediately:

  • Vocal fatigue
  • Pain on or after singing
  • Huskiness
  • Splitting notes
  • Unable to reach high/low notes every time
  • Lack of breath control
  • A disconnected sound any where in the register
  • Restrictive emotional interpretation due to vocal limitations
  • Lack of vocal flexibility
  • Limited singing range
  • Pitching problems
  • Lack of vocal control
  • Lack of vocal confidence
  • Lack of tonal balance

Who Is Seth Riggs?

Seth Riggs
Seth Riggs, founder and President of Speech Level Singing is considered by many to be the best and most successful voice teacher in the world. He is certainly the busiest. No other teacher, past or present, has ever matched his phenomenal track record. His students are a veritable "Who's Who" of singers, actors, dancers, and entertainers throughout the world.

Seth Riggs's vocal technique and the methods he uses to teach the technique were forged and tempered by the fierce demands placed on the world's top performers, who must often perform several shows a night - night after night! A great deal of money is always at stake, so his clients' voices must be able to function easily, without strain. It is no wonder that whenever singers come to Los Angeles from other parts of the world, producers, directors and fellow performers send them to see this master vocal technician.

In the pragmatic world of show business, where time is money, Seth Riggs is the man professionals turn to for results.

What the Stars Say about Seth and SLS

How Does SLS Work?

SLS™ technique will help singers find and strengthen their "natural" voice by training the neuromuscular system to produce sound in a healthy unencumbered manner. Singers who use SLS™ find their voice expresses it's self freely, unhampered by interfering muscular involvement or tension which in turn ensures the lyrics are produced easily and clearly. This is achieved through specific exercises that train and re enforce the body to sing free of tension. SLS™ exercises prevent the muscles around the larynx (voice box) from engaging and ensure the vocal folds muscles develop correctly so that there is no interference with sound production. As the singer gets used to producing sounds with a larynx that remains in a neutral position they find the voice is flexible, connected, strong, free and balanced through out it's registers. An exciting and liberating feeling; trust us! Singing in this way gives the artist the freedom to concentrate on being just that, an Artist. Now who doesn't want that!

SLS Teaching Requirements and Levels

SLS teachers have completed educational requirements per their level of certification. Graduation from one level to another requires at least two years of continual study including proficiency testing.

Certified teachers are the ONLY teachers privileged to use Seth Riggs' name or the Speech Level Singing trademark. For a list of certified SLS teachers please click here

For further information about Speech Level Singing, please visit the website.

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